Round 1 : Super Arts

by Ryuken Vs

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Da_Mana_Beast thumbnail
Da_Mana_Beast You feelin' irate about humanity's state - load the Rom and emulate the #GU template - assimilate til we cover the globe like Sherwin Williams paint - you *ain't* - gunna find a via'ble restraint, tuh keep us from exposin' all the holes in ya faith - Call it strange, even a Nubian can still be a newb again - This is inevitable, lyrical regime change - While y'all go the ways of L.J. n' Myspace - Applied the .IPS patch, re-arranged this game - But you still tryna play, like the level's the same | Favorite track: Dirty Laundry.
Noah Wiles
Noah Wiles thumbnail
Noah Wiles It's interesting how appropriate it seems that some of the best secular, atheistic and skepticism influenced music that has emerged on the scene early in the game is from the hip hop and rap genres. I'm loving everything coming out of the Gu crew. Keep droppin' it all over the world! Favorite track: Rebellion.
Brandon Patterson
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Brandon Patterson Next level secular hip-hop Favorite track: Bonus Level.
Donald Jordan
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Donald Jordan I'm a big fan of Greydon Sqare and will continue to support him and his projects whenever possible Favorite track: Dirty Laundry.
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Production Credits:

Rare Kommodity - Tracks 1 & 4
Johnny Corleone - Track 2
Tone Benjaminz - Track 3
Mac Dusty - Tracks 5, 9, 10, 11 & 15
Space Gang - Track 6
Zpu Zilla - Tracks 7, 12 & 13
MC Brooks - Track 8
Jeshua Booth - Track 14

Song Lyrics Written by Cedeno Gatlin & Eddie Collins Copyright 2014
Mixing and Mastering by Greydon Square


released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Ryuken Vs Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Parallel (feat. Indefinite)
Greydon Square

...i used to lose my mind inside Sega
these days i idolize Fela.........Kuti
...that’s why i spit the hot flow
i should just change my middle name to Anikulapo
thrown from the mothership
soldier. former arm of the government
no I don’t condone all the other shit
least of all the spying
you naive if you think that they won't mislead us all with lying,
you’ll pick a different face, but end up with the same tyrants
But me? Same gate. Same iris.
same eight chevron addressed insane rhymage
revolutionaries after those that teach hate
aimed at the weak fate of Obama’s police state
keep straight, you don’t want them to know you think
just talk sports with the men, and have the girls pour you drinks
nothing out the ordinary
but if you get too close the truth, you’ll wind up in a mortuary
somethin new to turn my purpose on
now I want the last story that Michael Hastings was workin on
rogue agencies,
like a church he was exposing the whole papacy
but they got to him first
then a weird high speed crash occurs around 420ish
i’m not a conspiracy nut, but this smells like some funny shit
if no one is safe, i’m dying for the truth then
and whatever i find, i’ll bind in the music


Winning over whistleblowers,
Pushing my mission forward,
I’m doing what you wish your flow would, I got my vision growing..
I’ll storytell while I’m coughing kief up./
Puff the chiba, watching Black Expeditions on my street, yo./
It sucks for us other ones, troubles us,
Knowing that the government succubus is fucking us./
While we’re slumbering, rest in peace, never, B.
Insomnia, sane minds never sleep.
Revolutionary but they profitize my speech.//
That’s the rug under which my meaning caught a sweep..//
And I won’t stop till I hear Private Manning speak./
Complacency is my biggest pet peeve./
Might as well be chewing with you mouths open./
Cause your ignorance make me wanna watch you drown slow I…
Keep to the ground low and, strike with precise aim,
You lightweight game strains beneath my right brain.

C Gats:

1984, struggle for more...power over the dollar/
overseers with modems....their motive’s to quiet scholars/
fire rockets and pile up...bodies, dollars and jive us/
smilin in front of cam-er-as... finger fuckin us silent/
through appliances dont hide it ...try to keep us divided/
with their politics one sided... in reality theyre ridin’/
for the same set of violence...just to renovate a wallet/
green is what theyre claimin....under guise of stars and stripes, shit/
yall, buyin the bait....hook line and sinker/
broadband your hooked minds that sync up/
linked in.. to what really ain't social media/
dumbin you down with world star..really the one whose beaten up/
is seated in a house on their computer...saying freedom sucks/
and freedom’s rough but freedom ain't free...and yall are cheap as fuck/
we bring guidance...stop kneeling to your highness/
everyone’s a king or queen...and silence isn’t pious/
Track Name: Y.A.W.Y.E. (feat. Agg)
you might have made it from the bottom...but i’m still there/
providing my struggle throughout these verses...with a mean snare/
i'm inking my life...i wear my heart upon a tattered sleeve/
so when i feel a’s like i'm writing on a battered sheet/
jostled and bruised but see the light whenever... darkness sets in/
like i'm noah in his ark when i’ve departed... lets swim/
if that vessel ever sinks...i’ll never blink, call me survivorman/
whenever feeling like i'm trapped...i’ve got macgyver plans/
if anything is holding me’s my vital stand/
while rising like a phoenix out the fire...thats my tribal chant/
the embers are the demons receding...shedding my skeletons/
enemies retreating...defeated, evil will never win/
not in my cypher...i’m living a life of betterment/
youre bitter when i’m winnin’...but life is sweeter than entenmann's/
so lick the bowl and share a piece.... of the pie plate/
or roll up out the oven... if it’s too hot, then why wait/

HOOK x2:
can't shake this feeling... I’ll never let it go/
channel energy through music...with my pen I grow/
though life is hard.... we found our inner peace/
writing bars is our are what you eat/

If you are what you eat, i must be an emcee
check my cold freezer and fridge trust me it’s empty
I roam the streets with a fork and knife,
eat you while you’re still breathing life, you’ll say the pain is torture like
orphan type scorching mics since abhorrent tyke
thats why when i look at hip hop’s menu I order light
expected home cooked but all I got was pop tarts
if their filling still frozen i’m dousing them with hot sauce
got lost, searching for the drive thru
me and my crew on the hunt for perfect mind food
munchies x2, just from puffin the kind
...that you keep stashed, even if one-time finds you
....thanksgiving plate pillage
they’ll retell it as an atheist Grey who ate children
...i’ll can fry heros and bake villains
I eat em all with a small side of snake venom

HOOK x2:
can't shake this feeling... I’ll never let it go/
channel energy through music...with my pen I grow/
though life is hard.... we found our inner peace/
writing bars is our are what you eat/

Yes you are what you eat, writing bars be the therapy,
Malevolently movin through life, hoping to set it free,
...The burden is great, when I rhyme, it's served on a plate,
...But still the masses, they turning away...
Like it's the worst thing they got in their lives...
...That nigga aGG, yo, he must be out of his mind,
Cause at the drop of a dime, he go from zero to sixty,
The hero, within me, will revolt, cause here, no one gets me,
That's when I look within the beats for my inner peace,
....The music is my living centerpiece...
...they say that music has the charms to still soothe the inner beast,
...the olive branch, it still could, extend a leaf,
Decrease the negative, this be the medicine,
Won't stop til I be with sleep's closest relative...
can't shake this, Never let it go again,
Regained my focus, control, when I hold my pen...
Track Name: The Killing Stroke
(C Gats)
on a mission, itchin for blood...seeking the foul shogun/
we were ninjas with an order to kill...that fire blow guns/
with darts dipped in frogs skin...poisonous shots are deadly/
with kitana’s in our sheaths...that were ready for the beheading/
cus the daimyo... was primal/
the leader of the shogun... was an eyeful/
dressed in silken robes ...and dipped in fine jewels/
he wore a smile too...despite ruling quite cruel/
he didn't have to soak in white see right through/
blatanlty tortured peasants...opposing his demon visions/
promoted his oldest brother to hold the rhythm/
tried to hire us to kill all the ...innocent foes children/
but we told him “no nigga”.... now both of us gotta get ‘em/
we’re bringin’ that nin-jitsu
make a pitbull... look like a shih-tzu/
i need another chest... to put a fist through/
already killed a few assassins...stalking in the black wild/
runnin through the bamboo... their defenses aren't backin’ down/
i turned my head to greydon .... said “i think we better sack the crown”/
as predator becomes the prey.... assassins try to track US now/

(Greydon Square)
Let's wrap around
It's only us they us they haven't found
Then we hear the classic sound
Stuff the brute force plan of attack
i hurl fools towards Hannibal’s camp,
this is 2 sword Gannicus rap
while in the forest getting ambushed by ninjas
dual gender, with an uncool agenda
it rained shurikens the first volley hit me
they knocked me to the ground but i would recover quickly
...the animal snapped and raged from within me
the fireball thrown left his Gi smoking like a chimney
blind sided by the female version tenchu
that battle that ensued with her was more mental
with great skill she exchanged blows to instrumental
they were simple, direct strikes right to the temple
she rivaled the hype of those who died for the fight,
i was able to counter with laap sau slide to the right
her Kung fu good but my skill was ahead,
if it was a fight to the death she would already be dead
but instead i chose to spared her life in the contest
Vs Ryuken’s knowledge of every cypher and rhymefest

(C Gats)
then why am... i stressed/
i'm thinkin’ bout ...that shogun and his master/
so let’s recruit this... lady and her man first/
they may be ....on the losing end of battle/
but they’ve proven... they can handle/
any weapon, punch or kick... your flailing at ‘em/
as we offered aid to madam...the male ninja went ape shit/
i played slick...faded then planted sev-er-al face kicks/
i took his neck and then... proceeded with the choking/
he tried to counter, though...but greydon hit ‘em with the cold sting/

This whole thing leads straight to the dai-myo
so let’s go pay him a visit and hit em with a rhyme throw
...subordinate to the shogun
known to carry out atrocities with the ho-hum
plus he’s so dumb
he employs the cheapest protection
the samurai he hires we could defeat with no weapons easy
we sneak in no stressin
disabling guards to weaken his whole protection floor at a time, we make our way up
anticipating the very moment that he would face us
swordplay tough
we heard the stories and tales of his worthless glory
his failures as a father, and husband, how he was warring
with his subjects our objective is peel his throat
he was sleep, I let Gats deliver the killing stroke
Track Name: Bonus Level
...I've been blazin it since the 8-bit ancients
Now I'm in the system's base code making changes
...Ablazed and anguished, those that dare to face Greydon
A unified planet trumps a great nation
that’s what we aiming for
save the gore
..and hastily stop those who abuse power from taking more
...we dominate the machine
screw king of the hill, we’re champions of the ravine
...Ryuken Vs Plants Vs Zombies
2 emcees puffin the green against an army
you can’t hardly, get a word in edgewise
where’s the party? i’ll kick it fresher than the next guy
aiming chest high, at their best try
droppin science from the east coast to the west side
let’s fly, nobody can catch us
Cuz it’s still no sky gods punk fabels nor masters

bonus level...owners of the golden medals/
you can tell by how we’re coded...that the flow is special/
Either rise above the boss, or go below the threshold/
Just be somewhere else when these two decide to go to wreck mode/

ride the high tide...then dive through a typhoon/
99 lives, too nice...violent rhyme-fu/
we fly through the night...writin’ jewels, fightin’ knife goons/
hit ‘em in the eyes till they die...from the right moves/
discover weak spots and patterns... this is really skill/
break ‘em down to basics...concentrating on achilles heel/
in chilly hills killing ...many an enemy’s will/
these villains spittin fire.... but it’s frozen and really surreal/
this ice stage... is ice aged, so we step light/
running really fast...that just puts you in a death slide/
yall fallin’ off now... the victims of bottom-less pits/
droppin’ off the grid from the cliffs... into ominous rifts/
i'm palmin’ this shit....a cartridge of dominant hits/
we’re launchin’ from the hip, ya squad’s a goner...we’re gone in the mist/
toss your quarter up.... i’ll offer you another try/
oh pardon me...forgot i put a dollar on another guy/


release our special abilities...when the bar is raised/
super arts engage...then we enact a slaying/
swift fatalities...your bane is what we’re bringing to the street fight/
we’re taller than a cali red-wood...and yall are knee high/
please try, two elite sifus...with three eyes/
who emerged ...from darkened corners, to seek light/
we might choose the passive route...but never pacifists/
you push us to the edge...we’re comin’ through with the assassin’s fist/

...A masochist with habit of smashin shit,
I can purposefully end a rap career by accident
half intent, the other path is solitude
if you do it well enough, bet on people to follow you
...bonded like a molecule,
over hip-hop, gaming, marijuana and a lot of school
redefining what is possible, by finding obstacles
then solutions that are optimal