Parallel (feat. Indefinite)

from by Ryuken Vs

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Greydon Square

...i used to lose my mind inside Sega
these days i idolize Fela.........Kuti
...that’s why i spit the hot flow
i should just change my middle name to Anikulapo
thrown from the mothership
soldier. former arm of the government
no I don’t condone all the other shit
least of all the spying
you naive if you think that they won't mislead us all with lying,
you’ll pick a different face, but end up with the same tyrants
But me? Same gate. Same iris.
same eight chevron addressed insane rhymage
revolutionaries after those that teach hate
aimed at the weak fate of Obama’s police state
keep straight, you don’t want them to know you think
just talk sports with the men, and have the girls pour you drinks
nothing out the ordinary
but if you get too close the truth, you’ll wind up in a mortuary
somethin new to turn my purpose on
now I want the last story that Michael Hastings was workin on
rogue agencies,
like a church he was exposing the whole papacy
but they got to him first
then a weird high speed crash occurs around 420ish
i’m not a conspiracy nut, but this smells like some funny shit
if no one is safe, i’m dying for the truth then
and whatever i find, i’ll bind in the music


Winning over whistleblowers,
Pushing my mission forward,
I’m doing what you wish your flow would, I got my vision growing..
I’ll storytell while I’m coughing kief up./
Puff the chiba, watching Black Expeditions on my street, yo./
It sucks for us other ones, troubles us,
Knowing that the government succubus is fucking us./
While we’re slumbering, rest in peace, never, B.
Insomnia, sane minds never sleep.
Revolutionary but they profitize my speech.//
That’s the rug under which my meaning caught a sweep..//
And I won’t stop till I hear Private Manning speak./
Complacency is my biggest pet peeve./
Might as well be chewing with you mouths open./
Cause your ignorance make me wanna watch you drown slow I…
Keep to the ground low and, strike with precise aim,
You lightweight game strains beneath my right brain.

C Gats:

1984, struggle for more...power over the dollar/
overseers with modems....their motive’s to quiet scholars/
fire rockets and pile up...bodies, dollars and jive us/
smilin in front of cam-er-as... finger fuckin us silent/
through appliances dont hide it ...try to keep us divided/
with their politics one sided... in reality theyre ridin’/
for the same set of violence...just to renovate a wallet/
green is what theyre claimin....under guise of stars and stripes, shit/
yall, buyin the bait....hook line and sinker/
broadband your hooked minds that sync up/
linked in.. to what really ain't social media/
dumbin you down with world star..really the one whose beaten up/
is seated in a house on their computer...saying freedom sucks/
and freedom’s rough but freedom ain't free...and yall are cheap as fuck/
we bring guidance...stop kneeling to your highness/
everyone’s a king or queen...and silence isn’t pious/


from Round 1 : Super Arts, released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Ryuken Vs Washington, D.C.

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