Bonus Level

from by Ryuken Vs

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...I've been blazin it since the 8-bit ancients
Now I'm in the system's base code making changes
...Ablazed and anguished, those that dare to face Greydon
A unified planet trumps a great nation
that’s what we aiming for
save the gore
..and hastily stop those who abuse power from taking more
...we dominate the machine
screw king of the hill, we’re champions of the ravine
...Ryuken Vs Plants Vs Zombies
2 emcees puffin the green against an army
you can’t hardly, get a word in edgewise
where’s the party? i’ll kick it fresher than the next guy
aiming chest high, at their best try
droppin science from the east coast to the west side
let’s fly, nobody can catch us
Cuz it’s still no sky gods punk fabels nor masters

bonus level...owners of the golden medals/
you can tell by how we’re coded...that the flow is special/
Either rise above the boss, or go below the threshold/
Just be somewhere else when these two decide to go to wreck mode/

ride the high tide...then dive through a typhoon/
99 lives, too nice...violent rhyme-fu/
we fly through the night...writin’ jewels, fightin’ knife goons/
hit ‘em in the eyes till they die...from the right moves/
discover weak spots and patterns... this is really skill/
break ‘em down to basics...concentrating on achilles heel/
in chilly hills killing ...many an enemy’s will/
these villains spittin fire.... but it’s frozen and really surreal/
this ice stage... is ice aged, so we step light/
running really fast...that just puts you in a death slide/
yall fallin’ off now... the victims of bottom-less pits/
droppin’ off the grid from the cliffs... into ominous rifts/
i'm palmin’ this shit....a cartridge of dominant hits/
we’re launchin’ from the hip, ya squad’s a goner...we’re gone in the mist/
toss your quarter up.... i’ll offer you another try/
oh pardon me...forgot i put a dollar on another guy/


release our special abilities...when the bar is raised/
super arts engage...then we enact a slaying/
swift fatalities...your bane is what we’re bringing to the street fight/
we’re taller than a cali red-wood...and yall are knee high/
please try, two elite sifus...with three eyes/
who emerged ...from darkened corners, to seek light/
we might choose the passive route...but never pacifists/
you push us to the edge...we’re comin’ through with the assassin’s fist/

...A masochist with habit of smashin shit,
I can purposefully end a rap career by accident
half intent, the other path is solitude
if you do it well enough, bet on people to follow you
...bonded like a molecule,
over hip-hop, gaming, marijuana and a lot of school
redefining what is possible, by finding obstacles
then solutions that are optimal



from Round 1 : Super Arts, released June 16, 2014
Produced by Mac Dusty



all rights reserved


Ryuken Vs Washington, D.C.

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