The Killing Stroke

from by Ryuken Vs

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(C Gats)
on a mission, itchin for blood...seeking the foul shogun/
we were ninjas with an order to kill...that fire blow guns/
with darts dipped in frogs skin...poisonous shots are deadly/
with kitana’s in our sheaths...that were ready for the beheading/
cus the daimyo... was primal/
the leader of the shogun... was an eyeful/
dressed in silken robes ...and dipped in fine jewels/
he wore a smile too...despite ruling quite cruel/
he didn't have to soak in white see right through/
blatanlty tortured peasants...opposing his demon visions/
promoted his oldest brother to hold the rhythm/
tried to hire us to kill all the ...innocent foes children/
but we told him “no nigga”.... now both of us gotta get ‘em/
we’re bringin’ that nin-jitsu
make a pitbull... look like a shih-tzu/
i need another chest... to put a fist through/
already killed a few assassins...stalking in the black wild/
runnin through the bamboo... their defenses aren't backin’ down/
i turned my head to greydon .... said “i think we better sack the crown”/
as predator becomes the prey.... assassins try to track US now/

(Greydon Square)
Let's wrap around
It's only us they us they haven't found
Then we hear the classic sound
Stuff the brute force plan of attack
i hurl fools towards Hannibal’s camp,
this is 2 sword Gannicus rap
while in the forest getting ambushed by ninjas
dual gender, with an uncool agenda
it rained shurikens the first volley hit me
they knocked me to the ground but i would recover quickly
...the animal snapped and raged from within me
the fireball thrown left his Gi smoking like a chimney
blind sided by the female version tenchu
that battle that ensued with her was more mental
with great skill she exchanged blows to instrumental
they were simple, direct strikes right to the temple
she rivaled the hype of those who died for the fight,
i was able to counter with laap sau slide to the right
her Kung fu good but my skill was ahead,
if it was a fight to the death she would already be dead
but instead i chose to spared her life in the contest
Vs Ryuken’s knowledge of every cypher and rhymefest

(C Gats)
then why am... i stressed/
i'm thinkin’ bout ...that shogun and his master/
so let’s recruit this... lady and her man first/
they may be ....on the losing end of battle/
but they’ve proven... they can handle/
any weapon, punch or kick... your flailing at ‘em/
as we offered aid to madam...the male ninja went ape shit/
i played slick...faded then planted sev-er-al face kicks/
i took his neck and then... proceeded with the choking/
he tried to counter, though...but greydon hit ‘em with the cold sting/

This whole thing leads straight to the dai-myo
so let’s go pay him a visit and hit em with a rhyme throw
...subordinate to the shogun
known to carry out atrocities with the ho-hum
plus he’s so dumb
he employs the cheapest protection
the samurai he hires we could defeat with no weapons easy
we sneak in no stressin
disabling guards to weaken his whole protection floor at a time, we make our way up
anticipating the very moment that he would face us
swordplay tough
we heard the stories and tales of his worthless glory
his failures as a father, and husband, how he was warring
with his subjects our objective is peel his throat
he was sleep, I let Gats deliver the killing stroke


from Round 1 : Super Arts, released June 16, 2014
Produced by Jeshua Booth



all rights reserved


Ryuken Vs Washington, D.C.

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